I’m just trying to be an adult…

I’m drowning, or at least it is what it feels like. I keep reaching out, trying to hold on to anything and everything that might keep me afloat. I’m 23 and in the midst of “figuring out my life.” This shit sucks. Always imagined my 20’s would be filled with life changing adventures. Instead it has been filled with uncertainty, shitty jobs, and a broken car.

No one tells you to look for a job BEFORE you graduate. Thank you Florida State. Now to pay $60,000 of student loans on a minimum wage job, what a great fucking start to life.

Presently, I have no idea what I am doing. I moved to Atlanta 6 months ago with the intention of going to nursing school. This idea has stopped appealing to me and I am back to square one. In the words of Isaac Brock, I change my mind so often I can’t even trust it.

…I’m failing miserably.

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