Yesterday I did something I never saw myself doing, pursuing a woman. It was only through an email but still out of my comfort zone. Whether or not things play out the way I want, is irrelevant. I put myself out there and I’m happy I did it.

The best part was identifying the want, making a plan, and executing it. I didn’t put it off, I did it in that moment. I need…am going to start applying this to other areas of my life. I need…am going to stop sitting around as a spectator. I need…am going to be an active participant in the decisions that will impact my life.

I refuse to let myself fall. I have seen a new side of myself I didn’t know existed break through in the last few months. I am going to continue exploring that.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

Regardless of the outcome, I am going to push myself. End of story.